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Humans of New York: Stories

Humans of New York: Stories

Author: Brandon Stanton
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250099854
Pages: 432
Year: 2015-10-13
Now a #1 New York Times Bestseller! In the summer of 2010, photographer Brandon Stanton began an ambitious project -to single-handedly create a photographic census of New York City. The photos he took and the accompanying interviews became the blog Humans of New York. His audience steadily grew from a few hundred followers to, at present count, over eighteen million. In 2013, his book Humans of New York, based on that blog, was published and immediately catapulted to the top of the NY Times Bestseller List where it has appeared for over forty-five weeks. Now, Brandon is back with the Humans of New York book that his loyal followers have been waiting for: Humans of New York: Stories. Ever since Brandon began interviewing people on the streets of New York, the dialogue he's had with them has increasingly become as in-depth, intriguing and moving as the photos themselves. Humans of New York: Stories presents a whole new group of people in stunning photographs, with a rich design and, most importantly, longer stories that delve deeper and surprise with greater candor. Let Brandon Stanton and the Humans of New York he's photographed astonish you all over again.
New York Line by Line

New York Line by Line

Author: Robinson
Publisher: Universe Pub
ISBN: 0789318369
Pages: 64
Year: 2009
Presents the meticulous drawings of Werner Kruse Robinson, a German illustrator who documented his visit to New York in the early 1960s with views of the city ranging from Greenwich Village and Chinatown's Mott Street to the Rockefeller Center ice rink and Kennedy Airport.
Tiny New York

Tiny New York

Author: Suzi Siegel
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1493031511
Pages: 224
Year: 2018-04-01
Because in a giant city, sometimes the smallest things get overlooked. Meet the tiniest standouts in the Big Apple, from a baby dinosaur at the Museum of Natural History to a dinky basketball court in the Village that has produced some of sport’s biggest legends. Other tiny stars include the NYPD’s smallest bomb-sniffing police dog (45 pounds), the shortest first name (just one letter!), and an itsy-bitsy topless bar (1200 square feet). Tiny New York peeks into the city’s nooks and crannies to find the little things that tell the real New York story. Because in New York, Tiny isn’t cute. It’s tough. Tiny doesn’t wait for handouts. It hustles. Tiny isn’t insignificant. It’s precise. Tiny isn’t a jack-of-all-trades. It’s the master of one. There are plenty of books about New York City. But there has never been a book about the smallest things in the biggest city.
This is New York

This is New York

Author: Miroslav Sasek
Publisher: Universe Publishing
ISBN: 0789308843
Pages: 60
Year: 2003
A pictorial tour of Manhattan's neighborhoods, transportation and traffic, buildings, and the city's activities, from the local shoeshine stall to Wall Street.
Wild New York

Wild New York

Author: Margaret Mittelbach
Publisher: Crown Pub
ISBN: 0517704846
Pages: 196
Year: 1997
Describes the amazing diversity of flora, fauna, geographical features, and ecosystems that exist within the boundaries of New York City, explaining how and why an array of unusual species make their home in the urban landscape, and provides detailed directions for twenty-one walking tours. 15,000 first printing.
My New York

My New York

Author: Kathy Jakobsen
Publisher: Little Brown & Company
ISBN: 0316713503
Pages: 48
Year: 2003
A young New Yorker writes to her friend from the Midwest to tell about the things they will see in the city when Martin comes to visit her, in a holiday gift edition of a title first released ten years ago. 50,000 first printing.
Overheard in New York

Overheard in New York

Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399534083
Pages: 298
Year: 2008
A look at New York brings together an updated collection of quips, remarks, exchanges, and conversations overheard on the sidewalks, in the subways, in the stores, and other locales throughout the city.
Going into Town

Going into Town

Author: Roz Chast
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1632869780
Pages: 176
Year: 2017-10-03
From the #1 NYT bestselling author of Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?, Roz Chast's new graphic memoir--a hilarious illustrated ode/guide/thank-you note to Manhattan as only she could write it. For native Brooklynite Roz Chast, adjusting to life in the suburbs (where people own trees!?) was surreal. But she recognized that for her kids, the reverse was true. On trips into town, they would marvel at the strange world of Manhattan: its gum-wad-dotted sidewalks, honey-combed streets, and "those West Side Story-things" (fire escapes). Their wonder inspired Going into Town, part playful guide, part New York stories, and part love letter to the city, told through Chast's laugh-out-loud, touching, and true cartoons.
New York 2140

New York 2140

Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
Publisher: Orbit
ISBN: 0316262331
Pages: 624
Year: 2017-03-14
NOMINATED FOR THE HUGO AWARD FOR BEST NOVEL 2018 New York Times bestselling author Kim Stanley Robinson returns with a bold and brilliant vision of New York City in the next century. As the sea levels rose, every street became a canal. Every skyscraper an island. For the residents of one apartment building in Madison Square, however, New York in the year 2140 is far from a drowned city. There is the market trader, who finds opportunities where others find trouble. There is the detective, whose work will never disappear - along with the lawyers, of course. There is the internet star, beloved by millions for her airship adventures, and the building's manager, quietly respected for his attention to detail. Then there are two boys who don't live there, but have no other home - and who are more important to its future than anyone might imagine. Lastly there are the coders, temporary residents on the roof, whose disappearance triggers a sequence of events that threatens the existence of all - and even the long-hidden foundations on which the city rests. New York 2140 is an extraordinary and unforgettable novel, from a writer uniquely qualified to tell the story of its future. For more from Kim Stanley Robinson, check out: 2312AuroraShaman
The New York Pop-up Book

The New York Pop-up Book

Author: Marie Salerno, Arthur Gelb, New York City 100
Publisher: Universe Pub
ISBN: 0789303744
Pages: 146
Year: 1999-01
With colorful, scaled-down models of New York City's biggest attractions, take a trip through the Big Apple on an exclusive celebration of history, innovation and heritage. 150 illustrations, 7 spreads, 19 pop-ups, 50 interactive items, postcards and more.
New York

New York

Author: Ashley Evanson
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
ISBN: 0448489139
Pages: 14
Year: 2015
In New York City, you can visit the green Statue of Liberty, hail a yellow taxi, and see blue lights in Times Square. Children will love learning about colors in the Big Apple in this gorgeous board book!
New York City on Instagram

New York City on Instagram

Author: Dan Kurtzman
Publisher: Rizzoli Publications
ISBN: 1599621398
Pages: 208
Year: 2017-09-19
"A timely collection of 200 of the best photos of NYC taken by more than forty amazingly talented photographers from across the Instagram community."--Publisher's description.
Makers of Modern Architecture

Makers of Modern Architecture

Author: Martin Filler
Publisher: New York Review of Books
ISBN: 1590172272
Pages: 323
Year: 2007
Profiles notable twentieth-century architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles and Ray Eames, and Frank Gehry.
Canines of New York

Canines of New York

Author: Heather Weston
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1681883058
Pages: 224
Year: 2017-10-10
For people who love dogs and New York, this is a visual celebration of the vibrant dog community of New York City, CANINES OF NEW YORK collects more than 500 photographs taken by acclaimed Brooklyn-based photographer Heather Weston in every borough of this dog-loving city. Heather’s talent for capturing the individual personalities of these urban pooches is rivaled only by her ability to convey the essence of a dog’s life in the city, from canine commuters riding the Staten Island Ferry to regulars meeting at a Soho dog park to working dogs with jobs in the city. New York enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a dog-friendly town, and this eclectic and adorable pack of metropolitan mutts will please fans of both dogs and the city. Each dog is presented in one or more photographic portraits, with name, breed, and occasional comments from the dog’s human companion.
Smarter New York City

Smarter New York City

Author: André Corrêa d'Almeida
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231545118
Year: 2018-08-28
Innovation is often presented as being in the exclusive domain of the private sector. Yet despite widespread perceptions of public-sector inefficiency, government agencies have much to teach us about how technological and social advances occur. Improving governance at the municipal level is critical to the future of the twenty-first-century city, from environmental sustainability to education, economic development, public health, and beyond. In this age of acceleration and massive migration of people into cities around the world, this book explains how innovation from within city agencies and administrations makes urban systems smarter and shapes life in New York City. Using a series of case studies, Smarter New York City describes the drivers and constraints behind urban innovation, including leadership and organization; networks and interagency collaboration; institutional context; technology and real-time data collection; responsiveness and decision making; and results and impact. Cases include residential organic-waste collection, an NYPD program that identifies the sound of gunshots in real time, and the Vision Zero attempt to end traffic casualties, among others. Challenging the usefulness of a tech-centric view of urban innovation, Smarter New York City brings together a multidisciplinary and integrated perspective to imagine new possibilities from within city agencies, with practical lessons for city officials, urban planners, policy makers, civil society, and potential private-sector partners.