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Hapkido. L'arte dell'autodifesa. Storia, filosofia e tecniche

Hapkido. L'arte dell'autodifesa. Storia, filosofia e tecniche

Author: Marc Tedeschi
Publisher: Edizioni Mediterranee
ISBN: 8827214658
Pages: 128
Year: 2002



Author: Gilles R. Savoie
Publisher: Blue Snake Books
ISBN: 1583942416
Pages: 166
Year: 2010
With the aim of helping a practitioner improve control, optimize speed, increase power and maintain balance, an illustrated volume explains traditional taekwondo forms and exercises and describes the body mechanics and physics of movements, in a book that also has a primer on reflexology theory. Original.
The Deeper Secret

The Deeper Secret

Author: Annemarie Postma
Publisher: Watkins Media Limited
ISBN: 1780282249
Pages: 230
Year: 2012-01-01
Is there really "a secret" that will unlock our happiness? If we wish for something very hard and express enough gratitude, will it actually become ours? Millions of people think so. But there is an even deeper truth than the "law of attraction" covered in the best-selling The Secret: there are TWELVE laws of creation. This passionately persuasive book explains exactly what these twelve laws are, how we can harness them, and how we can use our own powerful system of creation to create miracles of joy and fulfillment every day. Annemarie Postma proves to be a true healer of our inner anguish who can provide us with the tools and skills to awaken our precious life force.
Advanced Respiratory Care

Advanced Respiratory Care

Author: Robert M. Kacmarek
ISBN: 068340489X
Year: 2000-08-01
A continuation of the Advanced Ventilator Management program, these cutting-edge programs combine tutorial and simulation-style questions on advanced respiratory therapy topics. Answers with rationales are included. Self-assessment tests provide randomly generated questions so users can test what they've learned. Also included is a glossary of hyperlinked terms and a bibliography with current references and suggested readings.
Goju Ryu II

Goju Ryu II

Author: Seikichi Toguchi, Toshio Tamano
Publisher: Black Belt Communications
ISBN: 0897501403
Pages: 173
Year: 2001-01-01
In this highly anticipated sequel to his classic 1976 guide to goju-ryu fundamentals, the author recounts his personal history of Okinawan goju-ryu karate and provides readers with a profile of his teacher, Chojun Miyagi, and Miyagi's assistant, Seko Higa. Okinawan Goju-Ryu covers advanced kata, its evolution and its importance. Step-by-step photographs throughout the book show the advanced techniques of shorei-kan karate, including stances, strikes, blocks, kicks and two-man training styles.
Moses and Akhenaten

Moses and Akhenaten

Author: Ahmed Osman
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1591438845
Pages: 280
Year: 2002-10-01
A reinterpretation of biblical and Egyptian history that shows Moses and the Pharaoh Akhenaten to be one and the same. • Provides dramatic evidence from both archaeological and documentary sources. • A radical challenge to long-established beliefs on the origin of Semitic religion. During his reign, the Pharaoh Akhenaten was able to abolish the complex pantheon of the ancient Egyptian religion and replace it with a single god, the Aten, who had no image or form. Seizing on the striking similarities between the religious vision of this “heretic” pharaoh and the teachings of Moses, Sigmund Freud was the first to argue that Moses was in fact an Egyptian. Now Ahmed Osman, using recent archaeological discoveries and historical documents, contends that Akhenaten and Moses were one and the same man. In a stunning retelling of the Exodus story, Osman details the events of Moses/Akhenaten's life: how he was brought up by Israelite relatives, ruled Egypt for seventeen years, angered many of his subjects by replacing the traditional Egyptian pantheon with worship of the Aten, and was forced to abdicate the throne. Retreating to the Sinai with his Egyptian and Israelite supporters, he died out of the sight of his followers, presumably at the hands of Seti I, after an unsuccessful attempt to regain his throne. Osman reveals the Egyptian components in the monotheism preached by Moses as well as his use of Egyptian royal ritual and Egyptian religious expression. He shows that even the Ten Commandments betray the direct influence of Spell 125 in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Moses and Akhenaten provides a radical challenge to long-standing beliefs concerning the origin of Semitic religion and the puzzle of Akhenaten's deviation from ancient Egyptian tradition. In fact, if Osman's contentions are correct, many major Old Testament figures would be of Egyptian origin.
Best Karate

Best Karate

Author: Masatoshi Nakayama
ISBN: 4770007264
Pages: 143
Year: 1979

The Eye of the Moon

The Eye of the Moon

Author: Anonymous
Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books
ISBN: 1843174294
Pages: 511
Year: 2009-10-31
In this, the sensational follow-up to The Book With No Name, those who miraculously survived the blood-soaked conclusion to the first novel are back in town for another massacre to remember. Young lovers Dante and Kacy, hapless bartender Sanchez, Peto the Hubal monk and the mysterious Jessica - each will be drawn into the violent vortex surrounding the Bourbon Kid, the supernatural killer who is himself now being hunted. Hot on his heels are several vampire gangs, the US Secret Service, a couple of werewolves, some corrupt cops, and the Dark Lord himself, and none will rest until he is dead. But the Kid has vengeance of his own to wreak . . . Even more gripping, creepy, exciting and funny than its predecessor, The Eye of the Moon is a relentless page-turner guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat. And, as the body count climbs on the dusty streets of Santa Mondega, who will be the last one standing?
Encyclopedia of Sports

Encyclopedia of Sports

Author: Frank G. Menke
Publisher: Jesson Press
ISBN: 144742719X
Pages: 638
Year: 2011-09-01
Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.
Heian, Tekki

Heian, Tekki

Author: Masatoshi Nakayama
Publisher: Kodansha Amer Incorporated
ISBN: 1568364725
Pages: 142
Year: 2012-11-30
Kata, the formal exercises of karate training, were the essence of practice in Okinawa and China, and are the core training method even today. Detailed here in 1500 sequential photos are the five Heian and three Tekki kata, mastery of which is necessary to attain first dan. Demonstrated by the author and Yoshiharu Osaka. Kata, the formal exercises of karate training, were the essence of practice in Okinawa and China, and are the core training method even today. Detailed here in 1500 sequential photos are the five Heian and three Tekki kata, mastery
Performance Rock Climbing

Performance Rock Climbing

Author: Dale Goddard, Udo Neumann
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 0811722198
Pages: 194
Year: 1993
Handbook for experienced climbers covers all the physical and psychological aspects of climbing training.


Author: Théophile Gautier
Pages: 247
Year: 1888

The Complete Kano Jiu-Jitsu (Judo)

The Complete Kano Jiu-Jitsu (Judo)

Author: H. Irving Hancock, Katsukuma Higashi
Publisher: Courier Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486443434
Pages: 544
Year: 2016-01-16
The best guide to learning jiu-jitsu ever written in English, this is the most comprehensive study available. It describes the authentic form of judo developed in the late 19th century by Professor Jiguro Kano — not the many imitations often called by this name. Officially recognized by the Japanese government as the preeminent school of jiu-jitsu, the Kano system was the method in which Japanese armed forces and police were trained. The complete system of 160 holds and throws is clearly explained, with 487 photographs and four charts providing further clarification. Pressure points, balance, falling, and every other important aspect receives full and complete treatment. The first section presents 60 "tricks" of combat in strict sequence that prepare for part two, in which readers learn how to apply the advantages of the tricks they've learned. The third section deals with highly scientific tricks of combat, by which an opponent may be incapacitated — and the methods of kuatsu, or resuscitation, by which a fallen opponent may be revived. Martial arts students at every level of experience will find this classic guide a source of valuable information and instruction.
The Star System

The Star System

Author: Paul McDonald
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231503245
Pages: 144
Year: 2001-06-13
Looks at the development and changing organization of the star system in the American film industry. Tracing the popularity of star performers from the early "cinema of attractions" to the Internet universe, Paul McDonald explores the ways in which Hollywood has made and sold its stars. Through focusing on particular historical periods, case studies of Mary Pickford, Bette Davis, James Cagney, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, and Will Smith illustrate the key conditions influencing the star system in silent cinema, the studio era and the New Hollywood.
Pulmonary Pathophysiology

Pulmonary Pathophysiology

Author: John B. West
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 1451107137
Pages: 183
Year: 2011-11-30
This companion monograph to West's Respiratory Physiology covers normal respiratory function and focuses on the function of the diseased lung. Pulmonary Pathophysiology: The Essentials offers a concise overview of the diseased states of the lung, emphasizing structure and function. The Eighth Edition is updated to include new information on asthma therapies, new radiographs and micrographs, extended sections on infections and cancer, more thorough explanations for review questions, and a new summary appendix of equations with sample calculations.