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Author: David Barbaree
Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd.
ISBN: 1785762680
Pages: 480
Year: 2017-05-04
'Outstanding. An extraordinary recreation of ancient Rome. Miss this at your peril' Ben Kane More gripping than Game of Thrones and more ruthless than House of Cards - this a stunning new thriller of power, treachery and revenge In a darkened cell, a brutally deposed dictator lies crippled - deprived of his power, his freedom - and his eyes. On the edge of utter despair, his only companion is the young boy who brings him his meagre rations, a mere child who fears his own shadow. But to one who has held and lost the highest power, one thing alone is crystal clear: even emperors were mere children once. Ten years later, the new ruler's son watches uneasily over his father's empire. Wherever he looks rebellion is festering, and those closest to him have turned traitor once before. To this city in crisis comes a hugely wealthy senator from the very edge of the empire, a young and angry ward at his heels. He is witty but inscrutable, generous with his time and money to a leader in desperate need of a friend - and he wears a bandage over his blinded eyes. The fallen emperor's name is Nero. But this isn't his story. 'This marvellous debut moves backwards and forwards in time to tell the story of Nero's possible and astonishing tale' Sunday Express 'Barbaree has delivered an extraordinary first novel, impressing with its complex plotting, powerful imagination, strong and authentic characters, and the author's gift for making fiction seem so palpably real. Politics, scheming, corruption, barbarity and betrayal... the best bits of Roman history but with an original new twist!' Lancashire Evening Post 'A blinder! 5 stars' Weekend Sport
Cosmic Music

Cosmic Music

Author: Marius Schneider, Rudolf Haase, Hans Erhard Lauer
Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
ISBN: 089281070X
Pages: 255
Year: 1989-12
Discusses Indian mythology, Kepler's geometric universe, and the evolution of tone systems


Author: Gregory Bateson
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804705208
Pages: 286
Year: 1936
"Naven" is the name of a peculiar ritual practiced by Iatmul, a head-hunting tribe of New Guinea.Th e ceremony is performed to congratulate members of the tribe upon the completion of notable accomplishments, among which homicide ranks highest. Ordinarily this tribe insists upon an extreme contrast between the sexes, but in the "naven" ceremony, tranvestitism and ritual homosexuality are represented. The "naven" serves in this book as a motive around which the author has constructed one of the most influential works of field anthropology ever written.
Trade in the Ancient Economy

Trade in the Ancient Economy

Author: Peter Garnsey, Keith Hopkins, C. R. Whittaker
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520048032
Pages: 230
Year: 1983-01-01

Newton's Revised History of Ancient Kingdoms

Newton's Revised History of Ancient Kingdoms

Author: Isaac Newton, Larry Pierce, Marion Pierce
Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group
ISBN: 0890515565
Pages: 205
Year: 2009-02-01
Changing of the Gods

Changing of the Gods

Author: Naomi R. Goldenberg
Publisher: Beacon Press
ISBN: 0807011118
Pages: 152
Year: 1980-02-01
A feminist theologian looks at the future of religion, declaring that feminism will eventually overthrow existing patriarchal religions, placing divinity within the individual and establishing a new mysticism.
Mothers and Amazons

Mothers and Amazons

Author: Berta Eckstein-Diener
Publisher: New York : Julian Press
Pages: 308
Year: 1965

Feminist Literary Theory

Feminist Literary Theory

Author: Mary Eagleton
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1405183136
Pages: 392
Year: 2011-01-18
Now in its third edition, Feminist Literary Theory remains the most comprehensive, single volume introduction to a vital and diverse field Fully revised and updated to reflect changes in the field over the last decade Includes extracts from all the major critics, critical approaches and theoretical positions in contemporary feminist literary studies Features a new section, Writing 'Glocal', which covers feminism's dialogue with postcolonial, global and spatial studies Revised chapter introductions provide readers with helpful contextual information while extensive notes offer recommendations for further reading
The Rule of the Master

The Rule of the Master

Author: Luke Eberle, Adalbert de Vogue, Charles Philippi
Publisher: Cistercian Publications
ISBN: 0879079061
Pages: 291
Year: 1977-01-01
Three times longer than the Rule of Saint Benedict and in parts identical to it, the Regula Magistri encompasses the entire existence, material and spiritual, of the monastic community and its members. First English translation.
Performance Culture and Athenian Democracy

Performance Culture and Athenian Democracy

Author: Simon Goldhill, Robin Osborne
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521642477
Pages: 417
Year: 1999-06-13
This 1999 book discusses the ways performance is central to the practice and ideology of Athenian democracy.
What is Life?

What is Life?

Author: Lynn Margulis, Dorion Sagan
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520220218
Pages: 288
Year: 2000
Transcending the various formal concepts of life, this captivating book offers a unique overview of life's history, essences, and future. "A masterpiece of scientific writing. You will cherish "What Is Life?" because it is so rich in poetry and science in the service of profound philosophical questions".--Mitchell Thomashow, "Orion". 9 photos. 11 line illustrations.
The Grammar of Attic Inscriptions: Phonology

The Grammar of Attic Inscriptions: Phonology

Author: Leslie Threatte
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110073447
Pages: 773
Year: 1980

Greek Pottery from the Iberian Peninsula

Greek Pottery from the Iberian Peninsula

Author: Adolfo J. Domínguez, Carmen Sánchez
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004116044
Pages: 501
Year: 2001
This book catalogues and discusses all Archaic Greek pottery found on the Iberian Peninsula. The analysis of Greek pottery finds in Eastern Andalusia provides an exemplary study of trade in the Classical Age. The reader will find many insights in the pottery trade and the native Iberians view of Classical Greek pottery.
Potter and Patron in Classical Athens

Potter and Patron in Classical Athens

Author: Thomas Bertram Lonsdale Webster
Pages: 328
Year: 1972

The Church and the Second Sex

The Church and the Second Sex

Author: Mary Daly
Publisher: Beacon Press (MA)
ISBN: 0807011010
Pages: 231
Year: 1985
Argues that the Catholic church suppresses women, examines the Scriptures and church history, and discusses the theological roots of the problem