Starting Out with Programming Logic and Design (4th Edition)

Author Tony Gaddis ISBN-10 0133985075 ISBN-13 9780133985078 Year 2015-02-26 Pages 656 Language English Publisher Pearson Download Link Click Here For introductory courses in Computer Programming The Fundamentals of Programming When it comes to programming understanding the founding concepts can greatly improve student engagement and future success In its Fourth Edition Starting Out with Programming Logic and Design is a language independent introductory programming book ideal for a precursor programming course or the first unit of an introductory programming course The text covers fundamental topics such as data types variables input output control structures modules functions arrays files object oriented concepts GUI development and event driven programming Designed for beginners the text is clear and approachable making the complex concepts accessible to every student In this edition Gaddis uses updated contemporary examples to familiarize students with models and logical thought processes used in programming without further complicating them with language syntax By using easy to understand pseudocode flowcharts and other tools Gaddis illustrates how to design the logic of programs Then confident in their high level understanding of computer programming students are able to handle programming languages and syntax with greater ease and aptitude

Painting the Edge: Deep Data and MLB DFS

Author Michael Leone ISBN-10 152082081X ISBN-13 9781520820811 Year 2017-03-12 Pages 146 Language English Publisher Independently published Download Link Click Here Forget finding yourself at the bottom of the DraftKings leaderboard in daily fantasy baseball Whether you are a baseball fan getting started in MLB DFS or an experienced player looking for additional edge Painting the Edge Deep Data and MLB DFS provides you with the knowledge and tools to become a successful MLB DFS player The intensive data resource will help you Separate process and results Find predictable and reliable data for use in MLB DFS Identify successful starting pitchers on a consistent basis Analyze the importance of hitter baselines Determine a successful cash game and tournament strategy And so much more Just ask the industry experts An actionable book for DFS players at all skill levels Peter CSURAM88 Jennings Co Founder FantasyLabs Michael Leone has been a successful Daily Fantasy Baseball player since I started playing in 2012 His process first approach helps players tune out the noise and distraction of chasing results and focus on more predictive data to help them become better and more profitable players on an everyday basis Al Al Smizzle Zeidenfeld Co Host DFSedge…

Last Chance Rebel (Copper Ridge)

Author Maisey Yates ISBN-10 0373789823 ISBN-13 9780373789825 Year 2016-08-30 Pages 384 Language English Publisher HQN Books Download Link Click Here The prodigal son of Copper Ridge Oregon has finally come homeThe man who ruined Rebecca Bear s life just strolled back into it with one heck of an offer Years ago Gage West s recklessness left Rebecca scarred inside and out Now he wants to make amends by gifting her the building that houses her souvenir store Rebecca won t take Gage s charity but she s willing to make a deal with the sexy reclusive cowboy Yet keeping her enemy close is growing dangerously appealingHe s the wild West brother the bad seed of Copper Ridge That s why Gage needs the absolution Rebecca offers He just didn t expect to need her After years of regretting his past he knows where his future lieswith this strong irresistible woman who could make a black sheep come home to stay

Janesville: An American Story

Author Amy Goldstein ISBN-10 1501102230 ISBN-13 9781501102233 Year 2017-04-18 Pages 368 Language English Publisher Simon & Schuster Download Link Click Here Moving and magnificently well researched Janesville joins a growing family of books about the evisceration of the working class in the United States What sets it apart is the sophistication of its storytelling and analysis The New York Times A Washington Post reporters intimate account of the fallout from the closing of a General Motors assembly plant in Janesville WisconsinPaul Ryans hometownand a larger story of the hollowing of the American middle class This is the story of what happens to an industrial town in the American heartland when its factory stillsbut its not the familiar tale Most observers record the immediate shock of vanished jobs but few stay around long enough to notice what happens next when a community with a can do spirit tries to pick itself up Pulitzer Prize winner Amy Goldstein has spent years immersed in Janesville Wisconsin where the nations oldest operating General Motors plant shut down in the midst of the Great Recession two days before Christmas of 2008 Now with intelligence sympathy and insight into what connects and divides people in an…

U.S. Patent Prosecution for Support Staff: A Desk Reference

Author Rosaleen A. Walsh ISBN-10 1492921629 ISBN-13 9781492921622 Year 2014-07-18 Pages 584 Language English Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Download Link Click Here U S Patent Prosecution for Support Staff is a practical desk reference designed to promote ongoing learning and job proficiency for paralegals and secretaries assisting patent practitioners in submitting filings to the United States Patent and Trademark Office It presents complex filing requirements in an easy to follow format and reduces volumes of information into concise accessible learning points that will assist both novice and seasoned support staff alike as they work to develop or update the breadth and depth of their knowledge of U S patent prosecution A comprehensive guide U S Patent Prosecution for Support Staff provides a detailed step by step guide to the filing requirements for the most frequently filed activities in U S patent prosecution as well as more novel filings The content includes the most recent provisions of the America Invents Act the American Invents Act Technical Corrections Bill and the Patent Law Treaty

The New Social Story Book, Revised and Expanded 15th Anniversary Edition: Over 150 Social Stories that Teach Everyday Social Skills to Children and Adults with Autism and their Peers

Author Carol Gray ISBN-10 1941765165 ISBN-13 9781941765166 Year 2015-11-28 Pages 480 Language English Publisher Future Horizons Download Link Click Here Since the early 90s Carol Grays world famous Social Stories have helped thousands of children with autism spectrum disorders This 15th Anniversary Edition of her best selling book offers ready to use stories that parents and educators have depended on for years and new sections added are How to most effectively use and apply the stories How to improve the lives of younger children and Social Stories for teens and adults with autism Developed through years of experience these strategically written stories explain social situations in ways children and adults with autism understand while teaching social skills needed for them to be successful at home school work and in the community

Spanish and the Medical Interview: A Textbook for Clinically Relevant Medical Spanish, 2e

Author Pilar Ortega MD ISBN-10 0323371140 ISBN-13 9780323371148 Year 2015-07-20 Pages 512 Language English Publisher Elsevier Download Link Click Here Focusing on communication needs in real world clinical situations Dr Pilar Ortegas updated edition of this practical text helps you address todays growing demand for Spanish speaking physicians and healthcare workers This pocket sized resource provides basic Spanish skills sample interview questions relevant cultural information and more in addition to online videos of physician patient interactions interactive self assessment tools and clinical vignettes Youll find exactly what you need to develop better physician patient communication skills increase your cultural competence and make better clinical decisions in your practice Understand the nuts and bolts of better communication through Spanish grammar vocabulary pronunciation sample interview questions and helpful interview techniques Pocket size allows for quick reference in an easily accessible format Improve your skills with new and expanded content including more practice exercises for self assessment information on cultural issues grammar tips and practice complex clinical scenarios and how to best use interpreters in your practice Stay up to date with new chapters on pediatric health common procedures and informed consent the physicians impression and plan diabetes medication travel history and special…

The Hot One

Author Lauren Blakely ISBN-10 1539969665 ISBN-13 9781539969662 Year 2017-02-27 Pages 300 Language English Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Download Link Click Here A sexy new standalone romance from 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely Ever notice that sometimes a guy will do something really stupid like let the love of his life slip through his fingers Yeah I m that guy But the moment I run into the woman I once loved madly I ve got one goal and one goal only a second chance The plan Go big or go home Fine at first glance stripping naked at my ex girlfriend s place of work might not seem like the brightest way to win her heart again But trust me on this count she always liked me best without any clothes on And you ve got to play to your strengths when you re fighting an uphill battle As a lawyer I know how to fight and I m prepared to fight hard for her Because sometimes you need a second chance at first love He s the one who got away The nerve of Tyler Nichols to reappear like that at my job showing off his…

The Case for Zionism: Why Christians Should Support Israel

Author Thomas Ice ISBN-10 0892217537 ISBN-13 9780892217533 Year 2017-02-20 Pages 240 Language English Publisher New Leaf Press Download Link Click Here The modern state of Israel has been a nation for almost 70 years When she was formed and fought her early wars of existence most Bible believing Christians believed there was a real connection with what was going on in the Middle East and Bible prophecy that predicts an end time return of the Jews to their land While support for Israel remains high in most evangelical communities we are seeing the beginning of a decline especially among younger evangelicals who question whether modern Israel really relates to end time Bible prophecy The Case for Zionism attempts to bring together biblical historical and legal arguments for the legitimacy of the startup nation known as Israel as it Explains controversies such as antisemitism and Replacement Theology Details the biblical and legal rights of Modern Israel Explores the prophetic nature and future of Israel In this presentation Thomas Ice answers many of the contemporary arguments being used by both secular and religious communities to undermine what he believes is the hand of God at work in our own day

Captive Paradise: A History of Hawaii

Author James L. Haley ISBN-10 1250070392 ISBN-13 9781250070395 Year 2015-12-08 Pages 464 Language English Publisher St. Martin’s Griffin Download Link Click Here The most recent state to join the union Hawaii is the only one to have once been a royal kingdom After its discovery by Captain Cook in the late 18th Century Hawaii was fought over by European powers determined to take advantage of its position as the crossroads of the Pacific The arrival of the first missionaries marked the beginning of the struggle between a native culture with its ancient gods sexual libertinism and rites of human sacrifice and the rigid values of the Calvinists While Hawaii s royal rulers adopted Christianity they also fought to preserve their ancient ways But the success of the ruthless American sugar barons sealed their fate and in 1893 the American Marines overthrew Lili uokalani the last queen of Hawaii James L Haley s Captive Paradise is the story of King Kamehameha I The Conqueror who unified the islands through terror and bloodshed but whose dynasty succumbed to inbreeding of Gilded Age tycoons like Claus Spreckels who brilliantly outmaneuvered his competitors of firebrand Lorrin Thurston who was determined that Hawaii be ruled…